How Can I Grow My Money Quickly

Hi there, Scott here from West Coast Passive. I thought I would just create this video it’s from it’s called Power Suggest Pro. And they came up with a couple of these top search terms when typing in:

“How can I grow my money quickly”

These are the results “what are the best ways to grow your money” and “How best to grow your money” So these are searched 12 times per day. So this is a really cool tool here.

The next thing I did was I went to chat GPT. This is another really cool tool. You type in the question and you press this little button here and it gives you the answer. It’s really, really cool, it’s really smart. It’s called AI technology. So this is what they’ve come up with. So I put it in this notepad here:

So how can you grow your money more quickly and grow my money more quickly?

First there’s no guaranteed ways to grow your money quickly. Any investment carries some degree of risk. So however, there are several strategies to consider to potentially increase your chances of achieving higher returns over time. So a lot of these suggestions here, I’m not a 100% hundred percent excited about, but this is what chat GPT came up with.

Invest in stocks. So historically the stock market has provided the highest returns long term, but look at what’s happening now in the markets. The stock market’s had the worst year in, I don’t know if it was forever, but for the longest time. Last year, 2022, was one of the worst years for the stock market. They’re predicting it’s going to go down even more. So investing in stocks is not probably the best idea. This whole world is so wacko. Maybe years ago we can invest in stocks to see a big return. Maybe in the future stocks might be the thing when they hit bottom. I will wait till then.

Consider mutual funds or exchange traded funds, ETFs. So I don’t know about you, but most of my mutual funds came with a high cost of commission for the financial advisor who sold you them. And did anyone ever really make any money? I sure certainly did not. So I’m not too excited about that.

Exchange trade funds are kind of cool. You can do it yourself and it’s just a whole bunch of companies in one in fund that they all kind of like if you find the right one, they create a dividend so you can grow your money but it’s not that fast.

You can start a business. So this is kind of a good idea as well. You can sure make a lot of money, but make sure you do the market research. You don’t want to start a business where there’s no market.

Another thing is here it should be is build a business on your interest and you can use that to grow your money and retire as well.

Real Estate Investments it’s the next one to consider . Yeah, I live in Vancouver, outside of Vancouver, Canada, and a house here, a tiny condominium starts at eight, 900,000 plus interest rates. So you got to come up with a lot of money to invest in real estate here in the West coast. So I’m not too excited about that.

And consult with a financial advisor. I guess that’s a great idea depending on what kind of products and services he wants to sell you. But you might want to talk to him or a person with some financial experience because they can help you. Maybe if you wanted to do this on your own, you can get a lot of great ideas on what they think and long-term investing.

Metaverse Certificates: So this is the one I really like. So you start learning about the blockchain web 3.0, the metaverse, these are all going to be the future. Cryptocurrency should be in here too. It’s the future.

It’s kind of like Amazon when it first started off and the internet when the first shopping online started and you hit Amazon. You think about the blockchain and web 3.0 and cryptocurrency and the metaverse, all that high tech stuff, it’s coming no matter what. You are starting to see it  all over the place more and more.

You see it on TV commercials and blockchain and crypto and Banksters now taking crypto. So it is the future. We really like this. We have invested in a Metaverse Certificate so it’s paying a really good dividend every single week. So I found this is the best way to grow your money quickly is to invest in a Metaverse Certificate.

So in conclusion, there’s no guaranteed way to grow your money quickly. These are several strategies to consider and for your chances of achieving high returns over time.

So these are what’s working for us. So this is no financial advice, is just what’s working for us. We really like these Metaverse Certificates.

So anyway, I hope you found this video helpful. All right, any questions, let me know just by leaving me a comment below.

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